Brent vs BLCO

BLCO Better than Brent

Physical Brent crude oil represents commingled crude from the Brent and Ninian systems.  Currently, the API gravity is estimated at 38 degrees and the sulphur content at 0.45% sulphur, but the qualities of all crude oils tend to change over time.

To give you an idea of why BLCO is in high demand all over the world the API of BLCO is usually estimated at 35 degrees and the sulphur content is 0.14%

In comparison to the Common Brent mix, BLCO is 8% lighter and has three times less sulphur making it the most sought after crude oil in the world.

You might ask why the specific Gravity and low sulphur content is important?
Crude oil in its natural state has little use except as maybe a heating fuel.
Refineries in industrialized countries will refine it to produce liquid petroleum gas, petrol, diesel, jet fuel, gas oil, heating oil and residues such as bitumen.

The type of crude oil processed – for example lighter and ‘sweeter’ North Sea Brent blend or Arabian heavy – has an influence upon the mix of products a refinery produces. UK refineries process a range of crude oils, but those from the North Sea predominate (about 70% of the total). This helps refineries produce the high quality, low sulphur road fuels that modern vehicles require to deliver low exhaust emissions.

Typically, a barrel of North Sea crude oil will yield 3% LPG, 37% petrol, 25% diesel, 20% kerosene (jet fuel/heating oil) and 12% fuel oil (heavy residue for power generation). A heavy crude oil will yield a much smaller proportion of petrol, diesel and kerosene – perhaps 50% – and the balance fuel oil residue which requires further processing to transform it into lighter more useful fuels.


Now when you consider that BLCO is 8% lighter than Brent and has one third the sulfur content then you realize that a much higher percentage of BLCO will yield fuels used regularly in industrialized countries before reprocessing is required. This makes it the low refining cost, best fuel in the world for producing petrol (automobile gasoline), diesel (truck and auto fuel), kerosene (jet fuel and cooking fuel) – all the fuels in high demand in industrialized countries.

In fact, if you are already using Brent you could easily change to Bonny Light Crude Oil, BLCO, and improve the over-all performance of your product base.

Now, if you are a refinery here is the really important information. BLCO is sold at equivalent prices to Brent via OPEC but when buying Off-OPEC you may purchase BLCO for between 4 and 8% less than Brent. It is not only the highest demand fuel but is also better priced than Brent when buying Off-OPEC.  However with the massive drop in crude oil price this is unlikely in today's market.  The advantage of Off-OPEC is access.

These facts along with the less transparent business culture in developing countries lend to the extreme difficulty in actually finding a real legitimate source through common channels.
Suppliers that can deliver BLCO or another Nigerian Light Crude oil (NLCO) are highly coveted requiring long term relationships with someone in the small inner circle of the Nigerian Oil business. It does not matter who you are, it matters who you have known for a long period of time that has been a trustworthy contact to one that controls supply.
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Information provided by the AluminumNow Group and is for information only as the procedures are changing.